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let's take
a selfie!

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We all love selfies. You, me, that girl over there, everybody.
And, if you think about it, taking selfies together is a way
to consolidate friendship and closeness.
Seriously, not even a hug is that meaningful.

We needed to bring people closer to YouTube,
really experiencing the whole thing, so that’s when we thought:
hey, why don’t we take a selfie?

To make it happen, we picked as representatives the troupe
of comedians Porta dos Fundos, one of the most
successful channels in Brazil with almost ten million subscriptions,
and then proudly developed the Selfie Machine.

simple as that.
A partnership with urban advertising company Ótima, the Selfie Machine
is an installation that synchs up with your mobile phone, takes a picture,
applies Porta dos Fundo's characters to the photo and sends it directly to your device.
Three of them were placed at some super-busy bus stops in São Paulo where,
for one month, people took selfies and shared them all over social networks,
making for over nine thousand interactions. Pure love.
Thousand of selfies were taken. Not a single duckface.